11 Dec

Bad Credit Mobile Phones – A Look At How You Can Improve Your Chances of Being Approved

The disappointments that come with occasionally being denied a mobile phone contract because you have bad credit can be colossal. You feel less of a human being and you are always on the edge whenever you apply for a mobile phone contract wondering whether you will be approved or not. This feeling, as many of you will attest, is something that no one can wish for. It’s a sickening feeling and the kind that one wouldn’t want to experience.

For long, people with bad credit have struggled with getting approved for mobile phone contracts. Having a less than perfect credit score has been an indictment of sorts on ones personality and ability for them to manage finances. However, as you already might have gathered, the emergence and popularity of bad credit mobile phones across the UK has heralded a new dawn for people with bad credit.

These contracts are specifically tailor made for people that have bad credit and those who have perennially faced rejections whenever they applied for mobile phone contracts. Ever wondered how you can increase your chances of being approved for a mobile phone contract even if you have bad credit? What options are available at your disposal? How do you reduce the rate of rejections whenever you are applying for mobile phone contracts when you have bad credit?

As if having bad credit is not worse enough, the constant rejections can make you feel like pulling out your hair considering a mobile phone is no longer a luxurious item as it used to be a few years back. Nowadays, people rely on mobile phones for virtually everything. So if you have a poor credit rating, there are a number of things you can do to increase your chances of being approved for a mobile phone contract.


Pay a deposit upfront

Technically speaking, the reason providers turn away people with bad credit is because they view them as high risk. However, if you take measures to mitigate the risks for your provider, there is no reason as to why they shouldn’t approve you for a mobile phone contract. By making an upfront deposit, you drastically reduce chances of being declined and improve your chances of being approved. You also stand a better chance to negotiate for yourself a better deal as compared to someone who applied without an upfront payment.

Go for SIM only contract

The reason why mobile phone contracts are expensive is because of the new phone that your provider gives you and which you pay throughout the duration of your contract with monthly installments. However, if you go for a SIM only contract which doesn’t require a mobile phone, chances of being approved are very high. SIM only contracts are relatively cheap as you only pay for your monthly bundles and not a mobile phone. The only downside is that you need to buy a phone by yourself which could be quite expensive especially when you are seeking for a high end phone.

Look for a guarantor

Generally, the lower the risk on the part of the provider, the higher your chances of being approved for bad credit mobile phones. Even if you have bad credit, you can still be approved provided that you have a guarantor. However, you need to be conversant with the fact that the guarantor you bring on board must have a good credit history. In the unlikely event that you are unable to meet your monthly bills, then your guarantor will be liable to make the payments. This is a safe deal for providers and therefore they will always approve your application provided that your guarantor has a healthy history.

If you have been wondering how to improve your chances of being approved for a mobile phone contract even if you have bad credit, there you have it! Also, you can find more info on this at MobilePhoneNow!