11 Dec

How to Switch to different Network if Mobile Phone Financing is Bad

Ofcom made it easier for UK subscribers to move from one network to the next if they find the quality of services – including mobile phone financing – below their expectation. Ofcom made this favorable ruling by virtue of being the telecoms regulator in the UK. In fact, the switch is possible within a single day. Previously, the process could last several days, thus forcing subscribers to spend more time with a network that provides poor phone financing services.

For this process to roll off, the customer must initiate it. He does this by asking the mobile phone provider for a PAC Code. PAC stands for Porting Authorization Code. Without this code, the subscriber would be unable to retain his normal number. The subscriber has every right to receive the PAC Code immediately he asks for it. He can receive it via the phone or through a text message and immediately upon request.

Best Tips for Transitioning

If you want a smoother transition, follow these tips:

  1. Do your homework thoroughly. Choose the best plan based on your needs and the type of handset that you want.
  2. Evaluate the coverage that the new network or provider has to offer. Regardless of the plan, it would be of no value if you cannot access it when in need.
  3. Ascertain whether the current provider has locked in the handset to the network. If the answer is yes, you can have the handset unlocked, although this privilege will cost more.
  4. Wait until the number transfers to the new provider successfully before cancelling the existing plan. Failure to observe this rule would render you unreachable for some time.
  5. Backup all types of information that you want to move with to the new plan from your current or former SIM card. Photos, SMS, calendar reminders and contacts need backup.
  6. PAYG or pay-as-you-go credit is not transferrable to the new network. In this regard, use all the pay-as-you-go credit before switching to the new network.
  7. Clear your debts with the former network. This is because the debt will remain even if you switch to a new network, and this could hamper your credit scores.

Retain Your PAC Code

Handing your PAC Code over to somebody before determining the handset and plan to go for is highly unadvisable. Failure to heed to this warning could mean exposure to some illegal practices that are common in the UK such as slamming, which simply refers to the tendency to sign customers to new contracts without their consent or knowledge. To prevent such practices, hold on to your PAC until ready to sign the new contract.

Therefore, when the current mobile phone financing plan to which you are entitled seems unfavorable, move on to a different network and choose what is more favorable. You will have to thank Ofcom for this development as the organization won the battle on behalf of UK consumers who can now switch networks within a day. For these reasons, do not continue suffering in the hands of your current provider if you deem the deal poor and unsatisfactory.