11 Dec

How to Get Mobile Phone Financing with Bad Credit

Cell phone companies have different criteria when it comes to credit scores. With some companies, an average credit score is insufficient in getting a standard contract. The only way you can get a standard contract with bad credit score is if you pay a deposit fee. On the other hand, you may approach any of the following retailers to see whether they would approve your request or not:

  1. Affordable Mobile
  2. Phones.co.uk
  3. Virgin Mobile
  4. EE
  5. O2
  6. Mobile Phones Direct

If your mobile phone financing request is to get the approval, prepare and ensure it conforms to the following checklist:

  • Can you prove your ability to pay the bills without defaulting?
  • Registration on the electoral role
  • Paying all bills

It would also be fair to visit mobile phone shops where the application criteria tend to favor people with bad credit.

Start the Search

The first step towards getting mobile phone financing despite bad credit is starting the search for what you consider the best plan. To do this, a proper review of your credit report would be necessary. Fortunately, you have several sites that you can visit to obtain annual credit reports without paying anything. However, it is worth pointing out that the free report will not include your credit score, which some of the cell phone companies would require to approve financing.

Prepaid Plan

Purchasing a prepaid plan can be effective strategy for obtaining the appropriate mobile phone financing that you need. Such plans are not only good for people whose credit is not worth writing home about, but also those who want to take control over their phone usage. The main disadvantage with this plan is that it does not come with a cell phone. You can obtain these plans from major and small service providers.

Alternative Options

You should also feel free to explore other options that would actualize your dream of obtaining mobile phone financing. For this strategy to work, it would be good for you to look for a creditworthy co-signer. With such a co-signer, qualifying for traditional cell phone plans would be much easier. Joining multi-line plans and paying your portion of monthly bills to the appropriate account would also make you eligible for mobile phone financing.

If you follow these strategies, your bad credit score would not stand in your way and make it impossible to obtain the appropriate mobile phone financing. More importantly, you have to select the best plan carefully. Conduct due diligence to determine your eligibility. Remember that some plans come with a cell phone but some do not, thus the importance of determining the best plan based on what you really need.

Therefore, what this has shown is that you can get mobile phone financing despite your bad credit. For this reason, do not allow bad credit to stand in the way of your goal to acquire cell phone financing. Federal lifeline program and purchasing prepaid plans are just but a few of the strategies that you can use to acquire mobile phone financing if your credit score are not up to scratch.